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Windows 10: The Gift of a Modern Operating System

Woman stares lovingly at her computer that's running Windows 10.


With the holidays close approaching, our inner children are screaming for the latest tech. We want new phones, new laptops, new headsets. But what we should really be after is the newest OS system, Windows 10. 

Windows 10 came out in 2015, and years later, it’s still Microsoft’s OS of choice. Compared to Microsoft’s older OS Windows 7, Windows 10 has better security updates, features, and overall support. And if you’re still running Windows 7, now is the perfect time to make the switch

This January, Windows 7 will reach EOL, meaning that all systems running Windows 7 will be unsupported and open to cyberattacks. Before it’s too late, it’s imperative that you switch to Windows 10. Not only will your system be safer, but you’ll also be gifted with Microsoft’s latest features. 

Some of Windows 10’s Modern Features Include:  

1. Cortana

Cortana is your friendly voice assistant who can answer questions and help with searches. The longer you use her, the better she’ll understand your habits, thus helping her better assist you in the future.  

2. Cross-device Compatibility

Windows 10 can be used on a tablet, PC, or phone. This means it’s easy to take it wherever you go, thereby allowing you to get more done regardless of location.   

3. Virtual Desktop Capabilities

If you want to be more efficient and productive, you need integrated VDI options. These options allow a user to run numerous applications simultaneously without cluttering their screen. You can also organize your work via project groups.  

4. Universal Apps

Windows 7 lacks an app store, but Windows 10’s store has all the apps you could ask for. From advanced Photos and Calendar apps to games and movies, the OS is constantly adding new offerings and updating its current apps.  

5. The Upcoming Web Browser Anaheim

Anaheim was the codename given to Microsoft’s latest browsing system. Still in production, this new browsing interface will feature components of Microsoft Edge along with user-friendly improvements.  

6. Action Center

Unlike Windows 7, Windows 10 provides updates on everything from app uploads to the weather. If you don’t like these pop-up notifications, you can always disable them, but many users find them useful. (Plus, it’s always nice to have the option). 

7. Nearby Sharing

Don’t have an internet connection? No problem! With Windows 10’s Nearby Sharing feature, you can easily send a file from your laptop via Bluetooth or WiFi.  

8. Start Menu 

Windows 10’s Start Menu features live titles and an intuitive Search Bar. They took the best of Windows 8 and best of Windows 7 and combined it into something better.  

9. Gaming 

There are a lot of business reasons to update to Windows 10, but there are some personal reasons, too. Many new games and graphics cards only work on Windows 10, meaning you won’t be able to pwn your friends without it.  

10. Improved Security 

Windows 10 is simply safer than Windows 7, which will soon stop receiving security updates. You can keep using Windows 7 and hope nothing happens… but in our experience, something always does. Windows 10 has the most powerful built-in security features of any previous Windows OS. And by using Microsoft’s most current operating system, you’ll consistently have access to their latest patches and security updates.  

If you’re finalizing your list of presents, make sure to include Windows 10 as a gift for yourself. In all ways, Windows 10 surpasses Windows 7, and it will only continue to grow and evolve. You deserve an OS that will keep your company safe and running, as opposed to an OS that leaves you open for attack. So while you’re purchasing that new phone or laptop, make sure to gift yourself an even better present: Windows 10.  




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