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IT Legal Services: Let’s Talk About (Functional) Tech

Lawyer types at computer in front of justice scales. He should consider IT legal services for protection.

Tech issues aren’t reserved to a certain industry or company size. They’re pervasive throughout the workforce. But tech has a special, unique place in the legal field… which makes these issues especially hazardous. The more tech you have, the more difficult it is to manage, and the more issues you’ll likely face. But with IT legal services, you’ll have properly functioning tech. In turn, you’ll be able to streamline operations, increase productivity, and grow your business.  

Here are 3 reasons why (functional) tech is so important to your law firm:  


Not every law firm has the time or resources to track down witnesses. But with audiovisual (AV), you can more easily schedule meetings and get the testimony you need. Additionally, much of the job is emotional, which makes face-to-face interactions an integral part of the client-lawyer bond. AV allows you to meet with a client remotely, thereby forming the trust required for a working relationship.  

AV isn’t just important for pre-trial proceedings; it also benefits courtrooms. Good microphones are crucial to ensuring audible testimonies, and electronic whiteboards allow attorneys to highlight critical evidence. Should any of this AV equipment fail, the trial could come to a standstill. But with an MSP, you’ll have the AV support you need, and you’ll avoid adding any stress to an already stressful situation! 

Data Analytics

Good lawyers excel at deductive reasoning. And reaching a logically sound conclusion involves research, research, research. But once you’ve conducted this research, what are you supposed to do with it? Squint and shake your fists until you understand it? Stare at it blankly and count down the hours until the workday ends? 

Data analytics simplifies the process of visualizing, compiling, and understanding data. Through analytics, you can better determine lawsuit risks and the probability of a successful (or unsuccessful) trial. However, having this data isn’t enough if you aren’t sure how to utilize it. Fortunately, an MSP can help you quickly access the data you need to better understand your business and inform decisions.  


If a person can’t find your firm, it will be impossible for them to work with you. But it’s almost worse if they find your firm online, scroll through your site, and click away unimpressed. A website is a potential client’s first impression of your company—you want that impression to resonate. But if your website is outdated or hard to click through, what does that say about the rest of your firm? 

Clients want to work with a modern, tech-savvy law firm. They understand that first impressions count, and they’re interested in getting the best support available. With AV, data analytics, and website development, your law firm will have a leg up on the competition. And with an MSP’s help, your business will stay compliant, cybersecure, and ready to face any technological mishap.  

Sure, you’re not legally required to use IT legal services. But there are plenty of things you do daily—brush your teeth, shower, eat veggies—simply because they’re a good idea. So, if your company owns and operates IT, it should consider looking into an MSP. An MSP provides reliable, functional technology, which means a streamlined, productive workday and happy, well-supported clients.   




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