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Virtual Eye Exams and the Role of Technology

The patient is participating in a virtual eye exam.

As we continue to adapt to COVID-19, the healthcare industry will increasingly rely upon digital appointments. However, this isn’t the first time that doctors have offered virtual visits; there are numerous reasons why a practice may prioritize these visits, from higher quality care to lower costs. And when it comes to eye doctors, specifically, virtual appointments have a lot to offer.

If your practice is trying to adjust to the coronavirus’s new reality, it might be time to consider virtual appointments. Even after the virus ends, this technology is posed to help your clients, employees, and practice overall. 

Here are three reasons why your practice should consider going digital:

Offer Quick Care for Minor Issues

Just like hearing problems, the sooner you figure out what’s going on with a patient’s eyesight, the more likely they’ll be able to slow or avoid future issues. In this way, telemedicine is already a benefit, as it allows patients to more easily and quickly access health advice. And when a pandemic is making it difficult to leave the house, telemedicine is even more helpful. Virtual eye exams allow you to quickly assess minor eye issues, such as sties, without exposing yourself and your patients to unnecessary risks. 

Provide Hassle-Free Prescriptions

Along with diagnosing minor issues, virtual visits can be helpful when a patient needs new contact lenses. Most contact prescriptions require yearly renewals, and if a patient runs out, they’re at a loss until you can schedule them in. With virtual visits, you can easily see how a patient is doing with their current prescription and offer them a new one. Of course, if they’ve faced a major change, they might have to come into the office. But if their prescription remains the same, why should they have to come in at all?

Cut Down On Costs (for Both You and Your Patient)

If a patient comes in for a prescription, they’re taking up a room that could be used by another patient. This room requires electricity for the lights, equipment, and heating, all of which don’t need to be used. In short, if a patient comes into the office but doesn’t need to be there, you’re losing money by providing a room. In turn, the patient is also wasting money by needlessly driving over there. To avoid this waste, you could arrange a virtual visit from your home, which means your patient can stay at home, too. In turn, you could use the rooms at your practice for patients who need a higher degree of care. In this way, you’re not just saving money; you’re also increasing the number of patients you can help.

The value of virtual appointments is undeniable. Ever since COVID-19, we’ve needed to find new ways to offer healthcare to those who need it. But many patients can’t leave their houses, and for certain issues, they shouldn’t need to. Fortunately, with virtual eye exams, optometrists can rest easy knowing that they’re providing the care their patients need. Sure, these visits can’t help with every issue, but they’re invaluable for those who need them. And if you want to be a leading digital healthcare provider, you’ll need the best tech provider to help you.




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