Onepath News

Onepath was once again recognized for their work with the city of Charlotte’s economic development Project PIECE (Partners for Inclusive Employment and Career Excellence) at a recent City Council meeting.

Project PIECE is a workforce development program that provides job training and support services to Charlotte area residents. The project launched last year and has been responsible for the training of 154 individuals and employment of 117 to date. Kevin Dick, the City of Charlotte’s Assistant Director of Economic Development, reported the program’s initial success and thanked Onepath and the other supporting companies. “These results would not be possible without companies…that have helped define curriculum, perform mock interviews and ultimately hired individuals,” said Dick.

Vi Lyles, the Mayor of Charlotte, also lauded Project PIECE and its achievements. “But when you can say to someone, ‘If you will stick through this, you will leave this place with a job that pays you enough to live in this town,’” she said, “that’s when you make a difference.”