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What To Know About T1 Voice and Data

Enhance Your Telecommunication Strategy with T1 Voice and Data

t1 voice and data

Does your modern business needs a more robust telecom system to keep up with your customer’s needs, as well as your competitors? If your business is currently using a cable line—something that was considered cutting edge only a few years ago—than chances are the answer is a resounding YES!

If your network is lagging and you have to shift your servers off-site, and your VoIP services drop more packets than they send out, it may be time to look into T1 voice and data. Residential grade services, like cable lines, can lead to frustration and prevent your business from growing—whereas newer and innovative telecom tools like T1 voice and data are leading the way in today’s business world.

What is a T1 Line?

T1 Internet providers connect a fiber optic or copper line directly to your office. When you have your own line, you benefit from higher bandwidth availability on a dedicated line. Additionally, a T1 line supports up to 24 digitized voice channels and 1.544 megabits of data per second. The speed is great, but if you’re already struggling with the amount you pay for small business Internet, it may be hard to justify the increased costs of a T1 line. While installing a T1 line may take a bite out of your IT budget, the connectivity reliability of a T1 makes it easier to provide your customers with a consistent, high-quality experience.

T1 Voice Benefits

Many companies require customer service lines, internal communication lines, and useful features such as chat conferencing. While traditional phone lines remain an option, many companies consider VoIP options, which use a data connection to transfer voice signals. You use one line, the T1 line, for your data and phone instead of dealing with multiple installations.

Normal data, such as documents and pictures, can handle higher bandwidth times without experiencing a significant impact. It might take a few more seconds to view an image, but you don’t lose image quality due to usage. When you try to make phone calls over a data network that’s saturated, the dropped packets result in dropped calls, degraded quality on your phone lines, and miscommunication.

A dedicated T1 line helps mitigate many bandwidth issues to ensure your business has the highest possible quality phone calls. A feature called Quality of Service allows you to mark which packets are voice data so the network gives them higher priority. Between a T1 line and QoS features, you have the professional quality business calling you deserve.


Moving from a standard Internet connection to a T1-based line may have you questioning whether you have the manpower on hand to properly install and maintain the infrastructure. Instead of stressing out over hiring a specialized employee for deployment, consider an IT consulting service. An IT consultant is familiar with a wide range of T1 solutions. They can guide you through the transition, focus on resources suited for your industry and business size, and train your team on handling common practices and troubleshooting routines.

A growing business should be a cause for celebration, not concern. Understanding your Internet connectivity options helps you set your business up for continued and future success. It also provides you with the bandwidth you need to stay competitive in an expanding global marketplace, where the difference between a sale and losing the customer to a competitor could be a millisecond of loading time.

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