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IT Goals for 2020: How Can my Company Start the Year Strong?

Image of businessman walking toward strong silhouette basked in light, showing he has strong IT goals for 2020.

IT Maturity

A new year means new resolutions, but most people give up on their goals before they’ve even finished January. For a company, failed objectives can be especially perilous, as they can lead to missed deadlines and revenue loss. And when it comes to your company IT goals for 2020, clear, precise planning can make all the difference in creating new business (…instead of new problems).  

So, what objectives should your company be striving for and how can you ensure you meet them? Are certain ambitions more important than others, and what general targets should you always aim for? While we can’t offer individualized feedback in a single article, certain goals are worthwhile for every company.

Here are 4 IT goals for 2020 that will help your company start the new year right:

Optimize Utilization

Technology isn’t there to be a decoration, and it isn’t meant to frustrate you. If IT is a constant source of stress, there’s probably something wrong with it. Ask yourself: do some of your assets go unused? Or are those assets out of date and poorly functioning? If you’re not using an asset, chances are your company can do without it. And if that asset isn’t helping your company, it might need an upgrade or complete replacement.

Enhance Understanding

IT is a complex component of your business, but it’s also something your employees use daily. Understanding how IT works can increase productivity and lead to more effective time use. For instance, if your employee knows how to operate a boardroom’s audiovisual, his meetings will go smoother, and he can fix AV issues on his own. Conversely, if an employee don’t understand that room’s setup, he might spend minutes turning everything on, or he might waste time rescheduling a faulty video conference.

Spend Money Wisely

Every company wants their profits to increase. However, not all companies know what to do with those extra funds. Using funds to grow your company is ideal, but growth can mean different things for different companies. Maybe your company is trying to expand its reach, or maybe it’s upgrading several technological assets. Whatever the case, make sure your money is being invested into your business, and make sure that investment plans for the future.

Create Sustainable Growth

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s easy for someone to commit to a goal for a week or two, grow frustrated, and then give up. But sometimes, a business succeeds in its goals only to realize the benefits weren’t worth the work. Growing your business is important, but that growth means nothing if it isn’t sustainable. Instead of focusing solely on what benefits your company now, think long-term, and prioritize moves that will help you in the years to come. This way, you’ll have a better foundation for both current and future goals, and you’ll have a leg up in planning for 2021.

2020 is the year to meet your company’s IT goals. These goals will help propel your company forward and make your business more competitive. If we were to summarize these objectives with one word, we’d use “maturity,” because improving IT Maturity improves everything else. So if you want a cheat sheet for getting your business on track for 2020, take a look at our eBook, and start making sustainable, adaptive IT plans.




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