What is a Managed Service Provider? And Why do I Need an MSP?  

If you’ve been following our blog, you probably know by now that 1Path is the number one Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the Southeast. But if you don’t know what an MSP is, that sentence doesn’t mean a whole lot! So, what does an MSP do, and why is it important that your company work with one?    

Simply put, an MSP deploys, supports, and manages your company’s IT. Working with an MSP can make all the difference between a tech-savvy company and a tech sucky one. There are numerous reasons to work with a Managed Service Provider, especially if your in-house IT is leaving or you’re updating your tech layout.    

Here are just a few reasons why your company will benefit from an MSP:    

A Managed Service Provider Offers Better Security    

MSPs are highly concerned with cybersecurity—that’s because they need to be. On average, a successful breach costs a company $200,000, and it often leads to more attacks. For this reason, cybercrime is a leading cause of small business closures, and attacks on SMBs are only expected to increase. In fact, enterprise companies are more likely to leverage an MSP and have resources to beef up their security, thus making SMBs even more vulnerable—and more enticing—to cybercriminals.  

A good Managed Service Provider will prepare your company against attack via patches and other defenses. In the unfortunate event those defenses fail, your MSP will help you recover via backups and a BCP. Additionally, they’ll train your employees to spot and report cyber threats, thus decreasing your chances of further attack. In short, your Managed Service Provider will offer proactive protections and contingency plans for recovery. And a good MSP will always abide by the most up to date, most effective practices.   

MSPs are Knowledgeable   

An MSP consists of hundreds of employees. Each of these employees has unique experiences and specialties, and when you work with a Managed Service Provider, you’re essentially working with all of them. Plus, MSPs are constantly updating their knowledge and practices based on employee input, which means they’ll always have the most current, most effective solutions. Simply put, a single IT expert can’t provide as much guidance as an entire team. An MSP will have greater bandwidth, a more diverse range of ideas, and the ability to personalize your support and propel your company forward. 

A Managed Service Provider Will Help You Grow  

A good Managed Service Provider is a good resource for all your IT needs. Along with installing and monitoring your security features, they’ll make sure your operating systems are up to date, and they’ll advise you on the newest, best tech. They’ll also personalize their advice based on your industry and company size and keep you alert about best practices across your field.   

Whereas an IT professional may know about one industry or just one business, MSPs are well versed across the board. They understand different industries and business models, and they’ll leverage that knowledge to help their clients thrive. Basically, an MSP provides solutions for your company, not just any company. They’re your partner, and they want to help your company grow, evolve, and remain productive.    

MSPs Help with Productivity    

Tech issues are a leading cause of unproductive meetings. Furthermore, safety and support mean nothing if your company can’t stay online. But with the help of your IT support team, you’ll always have a plan to keep your company running. And an MSP’s increased security measures will decrease your chances of going offline at all. MSPs provide a holistic approach to mitigating risk while improving user experience, which in turn improves productivity. Additionally, any issues in meetings will be swiftly fixed, saving your company valuable time and money.   

A Managed Service Provider is essential for any company that uses IT. And since that’s basically every company, MSPs are pretty important. But finding the right MSP can be difficult—with so many options, how can you know which Managed Service Provider is right for you?   

Checking the numbers is a good place to start, and 1Path is proud to share ours. Click here to see recent stats about our patch applications, resolved tickets, and more.