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Cybersecurity in 2020: 4 Layers of “Table Stakes” Security from your MSP

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2020 has just begun, and already, cybersecurity is making headlines. Attackers didn’t take time off for the holidays, the news is abuzz with potential Iranian cyberattacks, and reports suggest that cyberattacks will continue spreading to new tech and industries.

Small to mid size businesses (and MSPs!) are in need of a wake up call if cybersecurity in 2020 is going to be positively remember. This article provides guidance and expectations on how an MSP can improve your cybersecurity posture.

How can an MSP Improve my Cybersecurity in 2020?

An MSP, or Managed Service Provider, is often responsible for managing a company’s entire IT ecosystem. The scope of responsibilities can often be quite broad, varying from cloud strategy to printing, from audiovisual to helping you recover from ransomware, all while keeping your systems online 24/7.  With such a broad scope, the emphasis and investment in cybersecurity ends up being more “talk than walk,” which is not OK. Here are 4 Layers of Security you should expect from your MSP.

1. Security Patching/Defenses

A good MSP is an expert on the latest cybersecurity trends. They’ll offer the most current, updated antivirus software, and they’ll implement strategies for password protection. Some of these strategies include MFA and SSO, which can stop 99.9% of attacks. Other strategies might include physical or workplace security, which can involve cameras, microphones, or access badges. Additionally, an MSP will work with you to ensure all employees understand these strategies and can successfully implement them.

2. Security Training

Employee error is a key factor behind successful cyberattacks. In fact, employee error is the main cause of data breaches, and that seems unlikely to change in 2020. For this reason, it’s important that your employees understand how to spot and thwart common cyberattacks. Whether this means phishing or ransomware, a good MSP (like 1Path!) will provide training, testing, and suggestions for improving employee knowledge. Additionally, your MSP will constantly evolve its strategy based on the newest IT trends and best practices.

3. Security Awareness

One neat thing about an MSP is that there are hundreds of people working for it. Instead of hiring a single person, you’ll have multiple people working for you, each with unique knowledge and experiences. Their combined expertise means that your company will always have the best cybersecurity team available. And as your MSP learns more about cyberthreats and security upgrades, they’ll keep your company updated, aware, and prepared.

An MSP’s security offerings greatly decrease your chances of a cyberattack. But unfortunately, even with all of these security measures, one negligent employee can still lead to a successful breach. For this reason, good MSPs do more than simply help you prepare; they’re also there to help you recover. Again, not being attacked is always the goal, but should that goal fail, it’s important to know what to do next.

4. Recovery

A good MSP will ensure that you have multiple backups. This way, even if a breach transpires, you’ll still have access to your important documents. Additionally, an MSP will provide cloud and off-site storage to keep your information as secure as possible. They might also suggest designing a business continuity plan or even create one for you. These offerings will allow your company to quickly return to normal operations. Additionally, strategies like these can keep your company safe from a second attack, which often happens after the first.

From year to year, the need for cybersecurity is a constant. In 2019, cyberattacks put multiple SMBs out of business, and other companies struggled to stay afloat. Cyberattacks are going to play a prominent role in 2020. And MSPs are going to be fundamental in stopping them. To make sure you have the best cybersecurity in 2020, it’s important that you have the best MSP. Time and time again, 1Path has proven itself worthy of this title. So if you’re looking for an MSP that will help keep you company protected, informed, and cybersecure, look no further than 1Path. We’re the one stop solution for all your IT needs, and we’ll put you on the path to a secure and productive 2020.   




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