InVesta Services: Finance Industry Case Study

When the Weight of the World is on Your Shoulders

Investa services tax liens and tax deeds throughout multiple jurisdictions, with differing compliance regulations. The non-standard requirements of their business require extreme optimization of a variety of applications. These applications need to be configured and maintained in order to remain compliant with local laws and regulations

Because their internal IT department revolved around one key individual, the simultaneous creation of these applications, while also running a full-service IT Help Desk was simply impossible. It was then Investa decided outsourcing their IT Support Center was their next step toward full IT efficiency. They needed to partner with an MSP that could handle their specific technical support requirements, so they could keep their internal team focused on their company’s application development needs. With 1Path running their support center, they could focus on creating the applications they needed to function smoothly, while remaining compliant across a variety of jurisdictions.

“Our business had reached a point where we were limiting ourselves and we knew we needed some help,” said Rufus Chambers Jr., Executive Vice President. “Taking the IT support burden off of us immediately positioned us to focus on growing the business.”

The Problem

Investa had a simple issue of employee bandwidth. As a result, they struggled to prioritize routine issues and end-user support was suffering.

Keeping employees up and running from a technical standpoint is a major priority, but the number of requests for support on simple issues became unmanageable with current staffing limitations.

The Solution

1Path offered scalable resources with the skills and experience necessary to tackle day-to-day IT support and alleviate challenges across the business.

The Results

With someone available 24x7 to answer the call when their employees need IT support, productivity increased and technology frustrations became a thing of the past.

By giving the internal IT staff some additional bandwidth, this allowed them to dedicate their uninterrupted time to application management and development.