Weissman: Legal Industry Case Study

Keeping up With the Times – A Modern Approach to Business Technology

Weissman Law is a distinguished legal firm that focuses on real estate litigation. Over nearly three decades, they have been the legal representatives present during significant events such as home purchases or the establishment of business premises.

No longer could there be the lawyers sitting across conference tables, as the global pandemic had turned conference tables into desks in our home offices. Luckily, the mass movement to remote work, and the troubles in the legal industry this would cause, was on the governments radar. The Georgia governor recognized this serious issue and made the ability to sign on a property purchase remotely more accommodating.

This meant two things. First, Weissman was going to need a powerful AV solution that allowed them continuous and uninterrupted communication with their clients, and second, they were going to need to rely on their MSP partner.

Luckily, they were already working with 1Path, an MSP with a proven track record of managing AV solutions for businesses of various sizes, in various industries.

“When you are used to doing transactions face to face and suddenly cannot, it shocks your whole business process,” said Kathye Verde, Firm Administrator. “We were fortunate to partner with 1Path to address these issues and keep the business moving forward.”

The Problem

With most of their business dealings suddenly moving online – the need for space, storage, and a highly developed tech infrastructure became apparent. Through research and analysis, they chose Zoom as their AV tool. It was now up to 1Path to implement that technology.

The Solution

1Path quickly went to work ensuring Zoom was installed on all their computerized devices. The next step was to create the space and bandwidth needed to run a high volume of uninterrupted audiovisual conversations in a safe, and private environment, where data could be monitored and protected. 1Path also optimized their virtual desktops to utilize Zoom.

The Results

Because Weissman had already partnered with 1Path as their MSP with proven track record of managing AV solutions for businesses of various sizes, they were able to quickly and efficiently address these new challenges.

This agility allowed them to almost seamlessly continue their core business offerings.