Unitas Global: 1Path Internet Case Study

Dodging Internet Outages with Direct Peering

1Path Internet, powered by Unitas Global, is a global solution that can provide synchronous data speeds with 99.5% SLA backed uptime.Boasting “smart traffic” and Direct IP Peering capabilities above the Tier1 provider, we deliver network modernization to any location.
Direct Peering, also sometimes referred to as donut peering, connects traffic directly to SaaS providers reducing the number of hops and intermediaries required to route traffic. This results in lower packet loss,lower jitter, lower latency, and lower bandwidth overhead requirements when routing traffic around the public internet.

The Problem

As more organizations move to cloud-based solutions, they are increasingly dependent on their office internet connection.Unfortunately, most internet providers have not updated the core internet technology and rely heavily on local hubs and central vendors to route global traffic, regardless of the end carrier. As experienced in August of 2020, a routing misconfiguring from Century Link/Level3resulted in a global drop of internet traffic by3.5% (reported by Cloudflare) by announcing incorrect routes to Tier 1 providers.

The Solution

1Path Internet uses‘smart traffic’ to bypass the traditional Tier 1backbone routing to peer directly to high-demand providers like Azure,AWS, Zoom, 1Path CloudPBX, and other offices utilizing the service while only routing to the traditional backbone as a last resort. This managed peering solution results in reduced latency,lower overhead for SDWAN & VPN solutions,and reduced packet loss.

The Result

During this 7 hour outage window,customers of this modern internet solution only noticed a sub 60second service blip and maintained access to key content providers throughout the entire outage duration. While not all service disruptions can be eliminated, the 1PathInternet solution enables the resiliency required by modern business.


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