Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers: Legal Industry Case Study

The nonprofit Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers fights for equal justice, safety for survivors of intimate partner abuse, fair pay and stable housing. But when their internal IT support was leaving, they found themselves battling with their own devices. They needed new security, a seamless transition and a company that would educate them through every step; in short they needed 1Path, and we eagerly came on board.

At the onset, one of the biggest concerns facing Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers was its cybersecurity. They had recently been attacked. by a sophisticated cyber criminal, who had gained access to their passwords via Dropbox. He’d used the same password to hijack the employee’s e-mail in order to send infected PDFs. To make matters more complicated, the hacker implemented a rule that any e-mails containing vowels would be sent immediately to the employee’s junk mail; when people tried to warn the employee that he’d been hacked, he wasn’t able to receive their messages.

1Path quickly figured out the problem and set to work solving it. We stopped the PDFs from sending, changed employee’s passwords, and educated them on better password policies. We then implemented cloud security via OPEN DNS, but it wasn’t enough to simply install the security; we also explained how it worked and why it was important.

In addition to our new cyber security measures, we made certain that the new internal IT person, Melissa Moody, was up to speed on the nonprofit’s IT features. We provided her with an updated network map of all their equipment, and we went through and ensured that everything was covered under warranty.

“1Path is a great asset to me and always helps resolve my issues quickly,” said Data Manager Melissa Moody. ” They’ve always been awesome at explaining the ‘why’ as things are fixed, which helps Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation minimize our spending by solving our own problems. For this, we are extremely grateful to 1Path and recommend them to our nonprofit friends.”

As a result of joining with 1Path, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers now feels empowered in their IT understanding, as well at their ability to assess and stop threats. The numbers prove the importance of our partnership:

Over the last three months 9 phishing attacks were identified and stopped, and 114 malware attacks were thwarted. Year to date response time averages 15 minutes and YTD QA results average 4.95/5.

“Quick response time and efficient threat detection are important to us,” said Moody. “The information we collect is confidential and fundamental to our daily tasks. Having 1Path as our MSP means we can continue normal operations without ever worrying or slowing down.”

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers is an asset to our community; they provide pro bono law services to over 5,000 Atlantans a year. Their mission is important, and good IT is integral to ensuring their mission runs smoothly. 1Path is proud to play a small part in helping such an important nonprofit help others.