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You can reach your 1Path support team by Phone or Email 24×7. The number for support is 678.695.5600 and you can reach out via email at

Every client is assigned a Client Executive as part of their team. You should be familiar with your CE by name and have their phone number and email. If your CE is out-of-office and unavailable in the event of an emergency, please contact 1Path general support at 678.695.5600

Yes. No matter what time of day or night, 1Path is there to monitor your critical systems 24x7x365 with trouble alerts, automatic system updates, and regular preventative maintenance.

In our world, an outage is an emergency. As one of our clients keeping your business up-and-running is our #1 priority. If you experience an outage, please report it to 1Path support or your client executive team immediately so that we can remediate the issue as soon as possible.

Nobody here knows your business quite like your 1Path client executive team. In the event that you have any questions or concerns about your 1Path bill, please reach out to your client executive team directly.

This is an easy one! Your client executive team is responsible for managing your account and will be available to answer any associated contract, service, or billing questions you might have. They can also help consult with you on other needs and discuss what options 1Path has for you.

Reach out to our sales team directly so that we can assess exactly what you’re looking for and provide you with an accurate estimate for our services. You can email us directly at or call us at 877.516.0218

We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and have an office near Boston, MA but we operate and serve clients nationwide.

Yes, 1Path’s support structure allows us to handle over 99% of our client’s tickets remotely without ever stepping on-site. We also have a nationwide network of contract engineers if you are ever in need of on-site assistance.

1Path leverages a nationwide network of contract engineers to support our client’s on-site needs. However, over 99% of our client’s issues are handled remotely.

It’s simple, visit our Careers Page to see all of our current job listings and submit your application. 

Please reach out to us at for more information on becoming one of 1Path’s partners.

Just as your team is transitioning to work from home policies, ours is as well. Given the expediency of the situation, we have enacted our business continuity plan to enable all non-essential team members to work from home. This decision will keep team members healthy and allow us to continue addressing customer requests to the best of our ability. Additional IT Support operations will be moved to remote working as needed.

Yes, there will be no interruption of IT Support services, and the help desk team continues to be fully operational. 1Path has work-from-home/business continuity response plans for instances such as this.

Yes. All 1Path Sales and Client Executives are available to assist with ordering or consulting on your various technology needs.   Use the same contact information and methods as always.   Its important for your business, our business, and the overall economy to drive commerce where we can.

We are expecting shipment and delivery delays in certain equipment categories due to the disruption in manufacturing and logistical supply chains.   That said, there are many orders that can be fulfilled without delay, based on the items being in stock or being electronically delivered.   Our advice is to contact your Sales or Client Executive to determine your options.


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Headquarters Atlanta GA, 30339
Phone # 678.695.5600
Sales # 877.516.0218