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Proactive Planning Against Malicious Attacks

What is 1Path Cybersecurity?

1Path Cybersecurity helps to reduce risk and prepare your company against cyberattacks. It’s no longer a question of whether or not you’ll suffer a hacking attempt, it's whether or not you'll be prepared for it. SMBs are a prime target for cyberattacks, and they’re often woefully underdefended. With 1Path servicing your cybersecurity, you’ll have the tools and education you need to prepare, react, and stay protected.

Employees First

Employees are your first line of defense—make sure they have the tools and training to stay secure


Preventing attacks is always the goal, but our rapid response ensures that successful attacks are quickly handled


Have a clear understanding of where your environment contains risk and alleviate it before an attack

Areas of Expertise:

Employee Education and Training

Teach employees how to identify, stop, and report security risks via simulated phishing attacks


Multi-factor authentication is 99% effective at stopping hackers from gaining credentials


Single Sign-On increases efficiencies via a single sign on portal

Penetration Testing

Identify security holes and weaknesses in your environment

Security Assessments and Remediation

Create a plan to improve your company’s security posture

Stop Cyberattacks Before They Happen

Cyberattacks take many formssuch as social engineering, phishing, vishing, and ransomware. And if you can’t identify these attacks, how can you hope to stop them? With 1Path, you’ll receive the toolstesting and training you need to keep employees informed and prepared against attacks. You’ll also have an IT partner to manage and mature your security stance.

Why Choose 1Path Cybersecurity?

Effective cybersecurity is about more than installing software. You need to ensure your solution expands company-wide, constantly updates, and meets the unique security needs of your business.

Strong Defense, Good Offense

When it comes to cybersecurity, preparation is key. But all it takes is one employee to click a malicious link, and suddenly, you’ll have a virus to contend with. For this reason, 1Path addresses hacking with both proactive planning and reactive responses

Cybersecurity & Small and Midsize Businesses

Small and Midsize businesses are usually less secure than bigger companies; they have less cybersecurity education and resources. Many times they can serve as a gateway for hackers to access other businesses. These factors make small and midsize businesses a prime target for cyberattacks, but with 1Path at your side, you’ll be ready when the bad actor strikes. Our goal is to educate and keep you prepared.

Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore

Reduce the risk of ransomware by having robust backups and testing data restoration

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Identify industry-specific risks for legal, finance, healthcare, and other businesses



Be a good member of the cybersecurity community by keeping your business (and other businesses) safe

Cybersecurity Case Studies

Onepath is a great asset to me and always helps resolve my issues quickly,” said Moody. “They’ve always been awesome at explaining the ‘why’ as things are fixed which helps Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation minimize our spending by solving our own minor problems. For this, we are extremely grateful to Onepath and recommend them to our nonprofit friends.”

Melissa Moody

Data Manager, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

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Network Security: eBook Guide

Your network provides hackers a direct route to your business’s important files, contacts, and financial data. Via this network, devices can share data and resources, which equals even more files for a hacker to steal. Thus, regardless of your business’s size, industry, or status, your network is an appealing target for cyber criminals—especially when that network is unsecured. In order to be safe, you need to be informed; that’s where our e-book comes in.

Cybersecurity Resources

Interactive Cybersecurity Risk Calculator

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SMB Security: Why Would Someone Want to Attack My Small Business?


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