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HIPAA Compliant CMS Website & Application

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Streamline the process of screening patients with a secure HIPAA compliant application

You run a large medical practice where much of your doctor’s time is spent doing screening consultations and paperwork instead of performing surgeries. Your patients have to take off work and drive through traffic to meet with a doctor in your office to answer a series of questions to determine if they are eligible for a procedure. If they meet the risk criteria (age, ethnicity, family history, etc.), you recommend they schedule the procedure. The patient leaves and has to take another day off work to come back for the procedure. The patient and the clinician have now spent time just to determine if the patient should return on another day for a routine procedure. If the patient doesn’t meet the criteria, you’ve both spent the time ruling out the possibility.

What if there was a better way that could make life easier on the patient, the providers, the support staff — and even the companies the patients work for? What if the patient was able to login to a website at home to answer the same series of questions a doctor would use to screen them to see if they were a candidate for the testing procedure? What if the website was smart enough to make the evaluation based on an algorithmic set of rules?

1Path designed a modern and professional marketing website which leads potential patients through the process: from education on the importance of early screening, to actually answering the questionnaire to identify if they’re someone who should have a procedure done, to allowing a healthcare provider to followup with them if needed.

The patient saves themselves from taking time off work, the doctors are able to help more people who actually need it, and the office schedulers have more information ahead of time which makes it more efficient to schedule patients and procedures from the information provided through the online web application.

Technical Solution:

  • HIPAA compliant secure software application development for collecting patient PHI.
  • Development of an algorithm for screening scenarios with output recommendations based on patient-provided input.
  • Custom designed and developed website utilizing Responsive Design with white-label branding options for administrators to brand corporate pages with custom CMS controls.

Business Impacts:

  • Reduction of doctor’s time spent screening patients and filing paperwork, resulting in increased surgeries completed by each doctor, increasing efficiency and overall practice profitability.
  • Increase of patients that can be provided services by streamlining processes.
  • Improved patient experience by allowing patients to complete screening online instead of coming into the office




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