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Ebook, Audiovisual

AV can make or break your workday. And if your AV is negatively affecting productivity, it’s time to reassess your tools and setup.

Audiovisual tools are essential for meetings, conferences, and general day-to-day tasks. And if your AV tools aren’t up to snuff, your company won’t be able to keep up with competitors. Our new audiovisual eBook breaks down common tech issues and highlights ways to fix them, all while showing how AV can benefit your company and lead to a perfect workday.

In this Audiovisual eBook, you’ll learn about: 

  • AV best practices and solutions
  • Common AV hurdles and how to avoid them
  • Different types of meeting rooms and audiovisual equipment
  • Statistics about AV productivity, efficiency, and more

You’ll also follow the journeys of Johnny and Sam, two employees with very different AV experiences. Johnny’s company has a poor audiovisual setup, and his coworkers don’t value or understand AV. Conversely, Sam’s company has learned to optimize and appreciate AV. From start to finish, her workday runs smoothly, all thanks to the power of good audiovisual equipment.

Over the next few years, AV equipment will only grow more and more important for companies. And by correctly installing your equipment, understanding how to use it, and learning to value it, your company will grow as well. So, take a look at our eBook and audiovisual offerings and see how Onepath can help with your audiovisual today.