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AV as a Service: 1Path Appears on Channel Futures Podcast

Two people speak in microphones for a podcast about AV as a service

Last week, 1Path’s Director of Commercial Interiors and Audiovisual, Michael Lane, appeared on Channel Future’s first ever podcast. We were thrilled to discuss our company, our recent AV survey, and the value of AV as a Service (AVaaS) for SMBs.

Survey’s Main Takeaways

Michael started by discussing 1Path’s cable to cloud offerings. He then went over some of the main takeaways of our survey, including the popularity of web and audio solutions and the need for experienced IT partners.

“There’s been a lot of surveys out in the marketplace, but they haven’t been focused on SMBs,” said Michael. “These businesses are having some of the same issues and using a lot of the same technology as large enterprises. But they don’t have anybody on staff who is a specialist in AV to help them with their AV issues. That’s where we feel a company like 1Path, which has both a managed service provider background and audiovisual expertise, can really help, especially as AV becomes even more and more a part of their daily business.”

AV as a Service

Michael ended the conversation by discussing 1Path’s AV as a service offerings. He went over the cybersecurity benefits of AVaaS and the differences between OpEx and CapEx models. 

“(Our AVaaS) model will be beneficial to the SMB space,” said Michael. “And wrapping in our additional services we think is really key. Part of our AVaaS offerings is, we see some SMBs who are a little behind the times in their use of AV technology, especially in their conferences rooms. Only 4% of conference rooms worldwide are outfitted for any type of video conferencing… and it’s every day that people are having meetings that have a remote worker and need some type of audio/visual conferencing.”

So much technology has moved to the “as a service” model. These models provide ease of use and ease of mind to customers. And 1Path is excited to be leading the industry in our AV as a service offerings. If you’d like to learn more about these offerings, contact us today. And if you’d like to read more about how AV can help your company, here’s a good place to start. 




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